Welcome! I am Veronica.

I, like you, have been a professional companion. I understand that safety is you number one concern, and am deeply committed to guarding your safety. Keeping professional companions safe is close to my heart and of the utmost importance to me. Nothing is life is ever guaranteed 100%, but I strive to get as close to that number as possible.

I love what I do and it shows! Passion makes all the difference. I provide thorough verification, seamless email and calendar management, and quality marketing.

I highly value open communication and mutual respect. Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship, especially in business. I always seek out win-win scenarios when possible. Only when both parties are honest about what they want, can we truly meet each other’s needs.

Feel free to explore my site, and contact me if you are interested in my services.




Thorough Verification
  • Verify clients through references or employment verification
  • Search all clients through blacklists
  • Share the results with you
  • Same day verification*

*May take longer depending on references’ response time.

Seamless Email Management
  • Correspond with clients through email
  • Organize and label emails
Convenient Calendar Management
  • Check if you are available at the time the client requests.
  • Input all appointments into your calendar.
  • Block off times you let me know you are unavailable.
  • Send a confirmation request the day before your appointments.
Compelling Marketing
  • Create custom ads for you to post in forums
  • Post ads weekly onto the various ad sites (base city and touring)
  • Create profiles on the various ad sites
  • Help you with the authentication process on Eros, P411, and Slixa
  • Repost available now on Eros, P411 and Slixa
  • Update the calendar on your website and on P411
  • Create and manage your touring mailing list
  • Send newsletters to clients when you are on tour

Payment Methods 

Pre Paid Gift Cards

Business Hours

9am-5pm Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)
All emails received during non business hours will be answered the next business day.


I only work with companions who do not provide illegal services. Therefore, to protect myself I will not be able to continue providing any services to you, if you communicate with clients with or me that you provide illegal activities




  • Verification Only
  • $125/Week




  • Email Management
  • Verification
  • Scheduling
  • $275/Week or $1,000 per month




  • Custom Ads
  • Post ads on various sites
  • Tour Newsletter
  • $500/Month


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